The hourly rate for Single-Use Services was recently adjusted, effective from 1st April, 2018. ×
  • Escort Services for Outdoor / Out-Patient Visits (Single-Use)
  • HKD 300.00 / first 3 hours
  • (Thereafter charge HKD 50.00 / half-hour would be accumulated for every 30 minutes or part thereof)
  • Free-of-charge pro-service report (via email)
  • Free-of-charge SMS service confirmation
  • Free access to our secured management platform
  • Medication Delivery (Single-Use)
  • HKD300.00 / use New Service
  • Following the instruction by client, care worker will travel to the hospital / clinic, deliver the medication on behalf of the client and bring back to their residence / caring homes.
  • Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the delivery service can reduce the risk to the client against exposing to the public environment.
  • With You Services do not provide any medical advices and treatments. Clients should consult their medical professionals and understand their situation whether it is applicable to have the delivery service and take the medication at home as instructed without attending a medical appointment for a period of time.
    The delivery service is only applicable to the clients whose cases are regularly being followed by medical professionals in Hong Kong public or private hospital / clinic. Clients should keep their medical documents as reference, seek the approval from the medical professionals for the service and authorise our care worker to deliver the medication on behalf of themselves.
  • Credit Account
  • Same as Single-Use
  • Caring Homes, Elderly Community Centres or NGOs can apply for Credit Account
  • Pre-paid is NOT required
  • Flexible Due Date
  • Consolidated Statement per Organization
  • Includes all services provided to single-use customer
  • Monthly Membership Subscription
  • Coming soon
  • 2 free-of-charge escort services (less than 5 hours) each month
  • Complimentary round-trip transportation
  • Priority service booking
  • Includes all services provided to single-use customer
  • Other exclusive benefits
  • Registration Fee
  • HKD 50.00
  • NFC-enabled Member Card will be provided at the first visit
  • An account will be created for online access to our secured management platform
  • Replacement of Member Card
  • HKD 10.00 / Card
  • NFC-enabled Member Card must be presented to our care worker every visit for auditing purpose
  • Cancellation Fee
  • HKD 50.00
    (less than 24 hours)
  • Cancellation fee will be charged if it is requested within less than 24 hours.

We offer our service with a pre-paid system, you may login to review the transaction records. Except for the new customers, we suggest that you should make sure there is at least HKD 200.00 pre-paid credit in your account balance before making any service bookings.

Please top-up your account as following:

 Online Payment via PayPal

After login, please follow the on-screen instructions to settle the payment via online PayPal gateway.
Your account balance will then be updated immediately after a successful transaction.


 Direct deposit via Online Banking / ATM / Faster Payment System (FPS)*

1. Direct deposit to our bank account

Direct deposit via Online Banking / ATM / Faster Payment System (FPS)<sup>*</sup>

Bank of East Asia

2. For cheque payment, make it payable to

With You Services Limited

Please send us a copy of the transaction receipt or mobile screenshot after the payment via WhatsApp or email.
The account balance will be updated afterwards.

* Since our bank is deploying the FPS function to the SME accounts in phases, currently we are not able to register our phone number or email address to our bank account. If your mobile banking app supports FPS transfer with payee's bank account number, then you may make the payment via this method.

Pre-paid Credit Refund

Deducted service credit is non-refundable except any reasonable causes. If you wish to claim a refund for the remaining credit in account balance, please inform us 7 working days in advance. A crossed cheque for the refund will be issued.

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