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Our Vision

Our Vision

Thank you for your interest in With You Services.

The reason for establishing With You Services is simple - We the founders were also one of the clients who were looking for the escort services for out-patient visits. Our elderly family members suffer from chronic diseases. They have to travel between home and hospital from time to time for medical appointments. The first-person experience made us realize, it is nearly impossible to accompany them round-the-clock all day all night, even we believe we should always be there. Therefore, we have to seek the assistance from care workers. The experienced care workers with professional knowledge is the key ingredient to the industry. However, the quality of the existing care workers from the available markets greatly varies. Surely they are capable to escort the patients during the journey between home and hospital for the medical appointments, but we thought what if the current service can take a further step for improvement?

Let me share my story. My grandma had stroke twice and she is now in her eighties. Most of the time she will travel in her wheelchair and we usually hire a care worker to accompany her to the hospital for regular appointments. Luckily the care workers that we worked with are conscientious and always safely accomplish the task. But there is one thing missing - the care workers never get a chance to share with us what they did and what the medical team try to tell us. It made me to think there should be a way for us to easily follow-up my grandma's medical appointments, which we can better take care of her.

As a software developer, I always believe that the technology development comes from our pursuit for better quality of life. How about adopting the knowledge and turn it into a solution? In 2015, I discussed with my team about the idea. We all share the same vision and we decided to kick off With You Services project.

We walk WITH YOU

Family is a vital part of our lives, and everyone tries hard to take responsible to take good care of their beloved ones. With You Services is not going to take over the role, but we provide the platform and the manpower instead. We assist our clients to solve the practical problems by looking after their family member. The platform allows them to easily follow-up how well do the medical appointments go and what should be taking care of. Like our motto: "We walk WITH YOU" - "You" can be the service users themselves, but their family members as well. We are walking with your whole family.

Being a co-founder, I truly hope that we can bring the best assistance to you and make some progress in improving the overall quality of the healthcare industry.

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