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With You Welcab

With You Services has been providing the escort services for out-patients and outdoor activities since 2015 - including individuals in need or residents of the nursing complex from different NGOs. From the experience, it is found that transportation is significantly demanding. Therefore, we bought our first Welcab in Aug 2018 and provide free-of-charge transport service to our "Premium Escort Services" plan subscribers.

With You Welcab - Front
With You Welcab - Rear
With You Welcab - Ramp for wheelchair access

Professional Services

With You Welcab is a barrier-free vehicle, clients can board on the transport directly without getting out from their wheelchairs. We aim to provide a “one-stop” experience to our clients. While you are enjoying our escort services from our professional care workers, there is no need to bother in arranging the transportation. Moreover, all the drivers are our existing care workers. Like other colleagues, they are well-trained and certificate holders as a care worker, which makes you feel at ease.

With You Welcab

Pleasant Journey

The vehicle is equipped with in-car plasmacluster ion generator which can generate and release the positive and negative ions - creating a "feel good" atmosphere similar to naturally occurring environments like a rainforest or near a waterfall. It diffuses 99.9% of the viruses, bacteria, mould and airborne allergens. It also removes any stinky smells. It provides a comfortable and safe environment for the clients with low-immunity. In-car USB charging function is provided, where clients can charge their electronic devices during the journey.

With You Welcab - Plasmacluster ion generator (air purifier)
With You Welcab - Electric step

Sitting Arrangement

Depends on the need of the clients, the vehicle can provide 4-5 seats, including the driver and the care worker. (If the client has to sit in the wheelchair and board the vehicle directly, there would be 4 seats in total. While the client can sit in an ordinary passenger seat, there would be 5 seats in total, where the wheelchair is folded and placed in the back trunk.) Apart from the driver and care worker, the client’s carer can ride on the vehicle as well.

Legal and Safe

Unlike the illegally modified vehicle, With You Welcab is directly purchased from the official NISSAN dealer, which is a brand-new NV200 . The vehicle is examined and registered with licence by Transport Department. All the equipment including wheelchair ramp, wires and wheelchair passenger seat belt are provided in their original state for the best safety. Integrated car insurance is also included for all the passengers on board.

With You Welcab - Seatbelt for wheechair passenger
With You Welcab - Handrail for wheelchair passenger
(With You Welcab is a complimentary service to the "Premium Escort Services" plan subscribers only, which is not an illegal carriage of passengers for reward. All clients on board are protected by our integrated car insurance.)

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